Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pasture Renovation Update

There is much work still ahead on the renovation of our pastures.

The sheep and goats have been busy munching away on the brush. Fall is the best time for seeding (by end of Sept) so it will soon be time to get out the roots and stumps in prep for seeding.

Our new brush hog to mow pasture after grazing worked great. I had been trying to scythe down the tall weeds left in the paddock when I moved the sheep. But the brush hog works so much better.
Took a bit of work to get going. Alan had to grind/sharpen blades the blades to get a decent edge.
And add a rubber edge (in place of the mangled up back edge) to prevent projectiles.
That man does love to tinker.

The other big pasture work will be reseeding. I sent off soil samples so we could correct any deficiencies now in preparation for reseeding. Now I am just waiting for the results to arrive.


  1. Sounds like you're going about it the right way, good for you. I probably need to have our one pasture re-tested because areas in it want to grow ground ivy and deadly nightshade instead of pasture grasses and legumes! Very discouraging.