Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sheep in Coats

 My order from Rocky Sheep Suits came and we put the new sheep suits right on the sheep.
They of course were rewarded for being so good about getting into their new suits. Elwood was no trouble at all while he was getting his suit put on.

Rocky, from Rocky Sheep Suits, was very helpful and informative. The sizing was perfect. I am glad I bought extra sizes for when the ewe lambs grow and the wool gets longer. The suits seem really sturdy and I got the lighter weight, less durable fabric. I can't imagine how tough the heavier fabric suits are.
The sheep don't seem to even know they are wearing these suits. They aren't shifting or bunching up anywhere. We had a good two inches of rain yesterday afternoon and evening and the sheep stayed out in the rain. Elwood's suit was very dirty this morning. I can just imagine the dirt the suit kept out of his wool.

Rocky Sheep Suits and Matilda Sheep Covers were both recommended by the farm where we bought our Coopworths. I compared the two covers and they seem about equal, but the price was a little lower on the Rocky sheep suits but more importantly, I like to purchase local or at least USA made products when I can. I received no compensation, free or discounted items.


  1. I've heard good things about them. Good to buy "local" too!

  2. I am very impressed with the coats. I hope they last as long as I think they will.