Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Soon! Water in the Barn!

Today is a big day. The day I have been waiting for since early spring when I wrote out the deposit check for work on the barn, the trench to bury the water and power lines to the barn, and the replacement of the wall on the north end of the garage.

The sheep and I have been enjoying the barn overhang/addition for a couple months, but I was eager to get water up to the barn and have the wall replaced.

The beginning of the trench up to the barn!

Once the trench is dug Alan will lay water pipe and the power line and fill in the trench. It will be so nice to have water up in the barn this winter. No more carrying buckets of water or sliding around pulling the ice sled. The 275 gallon tote we used last winter in the barn was great until it got really cold (like 14 degrees fahrenheit) and froze solid. We now have a series of hoses we use in the warmer months that run up through the garden, to the barn, across the stream to the ram's pasture, and over to the chickens' pen. We will definitely be able to get rid of some of those hoses. Alan will put a yard hydrant at the garden too.

I am also excited to get the end and back wall to the third bay of the garage replaced. Every time I look it seems worse.
That is daylight coming through the crack next to the spider. There are multiple places where daylight is shining through. One block can even be taken out and put back in by hand. We warned the guy digging that the wall might collapse once the soil supporting it is taken away. It's a strange concept; the ground that is pushing the wall in and making it unstable is also what is holding it up.  It's nice to see some big things happening.


  1. Oh my, not having to tote water! What a dream come true, LOL. Our barn is still just a dream on paper, but it will definitely have water. Glad yours is coming along so well.

  2. Thanks Leigh. I am very excited to have water. Especially since it's about a 15 foot rise in elevation to walk the 150 feet to the barn.