Thursday, August 13, 2015

Moving the Sheep, Again

The ewes have really gotten used to being moved. This last move was a little more complicated than most of the others they have experienced though. Usually they move into the next area, but this time we moved into a whole new area, out of one paddock, down a hill through the woods, and across another pasture. They are happy with their new grazing.
By evening their rumens were stuffed!
That's Clara's huge rumen sticking out on her left side (on the right of the photo.)
The pasture they are in now does not have any shed in it so I rigged up a shelter for them using two cattle panels, two t-posts and a tarp.
Most of our cattle panels have been cut in half then rejoined with hinges bent in the wire ends. This makes it easier to carry and I can make this teepee structure easily. The right side is pushed up against the old trailer and held on with a ratchet strap. The left side is up against the t-posts and pulled out with another ratchet strap. The sheep were totally freaked out by the tarp when we were unfolding it. I was afraid they wouldn't go in their little structure based on the way they acted. No problem, they went right in for their mineral trough.

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