Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away, and Come Again Next Week Too!

Finally, we have rain. While it was a good thing it was dry while we were digging up everywhere, it was getting really dry. It got so dry we couldn't work on the landscaping because the soil was pure dust.
With rain in the forecast I got the area next to the garage raked, seeded, and spread straw to hopefully keep the erosion down. But we still have the backyard up to the barn to take care of before we can plant there.
Alan hooked up the down spouts to the drain system which also drains the ground next to the new block wall to keep the water from building up, freezing, and pushing out the wall again. It all comes out here.
I hope we are into a better rain pattern so the grass will grow, but not so wet we can't work the rest of the yard to plant more grass.

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