Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cover Crops part II

The oats are up! It took a while with the dry weather we've been having. Watering with a hose just never seems to do as well as a good rain. I've been waiting for rain and Saturday night we had a nice cool front move through, bringing thunderstorms and about an inch of rain. And then Sunday morning this is what I saw:
Literally overnight the oats went from nothing to nearly two inches tall.
The dwarf white clover I planted in some areas of the paths is up as well. I struggle with the paths in my gardens every year. Always the weeds get ahead of me.  This year I put down a weed block fabric, but I can feel the weeds growing up underneath. In the book, Grow a Sustainable Diet, the author just mows her paths for the compost pile. I think I will try that next year, if I can just get all the rocks out of the paths.. The dwarf white clover would be a perfect plant for the paths.

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