Monday, March 9, 2015

Building a Lamb Creep From Pallets

I have wanted/needed a lamb creep and finally have one. My husband has been extremely busy at work but was able to carve out an afternoon to make me very happy. I have been showing him plans and he finally realized what exactly I needed in a lamb creep.

I was thinking he would want to work with new wood but he thought we could make a lamb creep from pallets. Saturday evening we went out and found two pallets which would work beautifully. Luckily, Alan is a facilities manager and they are moving a huge lab and have lots of pallets sitting around waiting to go. The plans I found for a lamb creep had the height at 3ft and the spacing of the uprights at 8 inches. These two pallets are exactly 3 ft tall and the spacing of the uprights ranged between 7.5 to 8.25 inches. The middle 2x4 was also at 1ft 6inches like in the plans. These pallets were waiting to be made into  a lamb creep!
Cutting the pallets to the size needed would give us a creep approximately 3ftx5ft. The short end went up against the door frame. A 2x4 was nailed to the siding nailers of the pole barn and sandwiched the short wall.
The long wall got a notch for the nailer.
Then the long wall was sandwiched as well by 2x4's.
The great thing about this creep is we can dismantle it as needed. The walls slip into their 2x4 slots and pin into place. Here is the corner:
The short wall is attached with a hook and eye. We need a beefier hook but this is working for now:
The finished creep:
We took two boards off the unused portion of a pallet and used them to block off two of the spaces so it would be harder for the ewes to stick their heads in, but they still try:

I guess eventually the ewes will give up trying to get into the lamb creep.

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