Monday, March 23, 2015

Frost Seeding

With the snow fall we had on Friday of 7-8 inches, and the rapid melting immediately after, Saturday was a great day to frost seed.  We bought an Earthway broadcast spreader and the snow cover, down to 3-4 inches by Saturday afternoon, helped me learn to use the spreader's settings and tell where I had already seeded. I could get a nice even spread over about a 6-8 foot swath as I walked along. The hardest part was not slipping all over the place and dropping the spreader since I had the slippery melting snow to contend with. And our property is mostly hills making footing even trickier.
The Earthway spreader is a pretty neat gadget; very easy to figure out the settings and easy to operate. I was really happy with the coverage I was able to obtain. 

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