Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Melt is On!

The last few days of 40s and 50s for highs have done wonders for our stream. Three days ago the stream was still completely covered by ice and snow; you could hear the water rushing underneath, but no water was visible. All that changed yesterday. This morning when I went out to feed just about the entire stream is free of ice and snow. What is left is very dirty ice from when the higher waters yesterday during the rain washed over parts of the ice.
That's dirty ice to the left of the bridge in the above picture.

It's nice to see and hear the stream again.
The upper stream is fairly straight, but the lower portion is quite twisty.
We need to work on straightening out this part of the stream since all the sharp bends get worn away and then the banks collapse. It's easy to see how the stream has changed course over the years and we would like to lessen the erosion.

And maybe this year we can get some ducks to swim in our stream.

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