Friday, March 27, 2015

Gate Work

Our new gates worked great when first installed, but gradually over the winter the one we use the most became harder and harder to operate. Finally, I couldn't even close it from inside the pasture.

The top hinge pin was nearly out of the hinge and the bottom hinge had slid down on the gate. This left the hinge side of the gate sitting on the ground. To close the gate one had to back up the the gate, lift the gate up onto the latch and then push with your entire body to close it.
It took a bit of levering, adjusting and wrench work to raise the gate in the bottom hinge and straighten out the top hinge pin but now the gate works perfectly!


  1. I can so relate! Dan is constantly adjusting gates! I have to say I like yours, BTW. I've never seen any with the smaller squared fencing like that.

  2. Thanks Leigh. The gates are what the fencing contractor installed for the sheep/goats. I'll check to see if there is a manufacturer's mark on them somewhere.