Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Little More Garage Work

Alan has been working on getting the dust collector for his garage/shop set up. He has been insulating the shop area but needed to know where the duct work would go through the wall for the dust collector. Now with it in place he can finish the insulation and move on with his shop.
We brought the dust collector from the old house and it's been sitting in a friend's barn all this time (thanks Ted.) At the old house the dust collector sat in the breezeway/porch between the house and the garage/shop and when it was full it would blow sawdust all over the breezeway. In the new shop it will exhaust back into the shop so Alan will know when it is full!
The black pipe above will attach to the hoses and keep the shop, relatively, free of sawdust.
He also put the screening on the vent from the attic above the shop.  We'll see if it keeps out the stink bugs!

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