Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Planting Onions

Ever since we moved to a place that has soil good for root crops I have fallen in love with growing onions and garlic. Onion seed planted in February has grown into nice seedlings ready to be planted outside. There is off and on rain forecasted for the next few days and today was sunny and 70 degrees so it was perfect onion planting weather! Now I have 240 onion seedlings in the ground.
In 2013 I tried a method of planting onions I read about in a book by Eliot Coleman. You plant 3-4 seedlings in the same hole, each clump about 6 inches apart. I had a great crop that year, but didn't know if it was from the new garden or the planting method. Last year I planted in the more traditional method and had more problems with weeds and a lesser harvest. It's definitely easier to hoe between the clumps than individual onion plants.

I planted the onions in the section of the garden that was planted in Daikon radish as a fall cover crop. Other than a few stems there is no evidence of the radishes, and some were over eight inches long and three inches in diameter! The soil was beautiful. All I did was hoe four furrows for planting the onions. This is the year for the no-till gardening trial.

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