Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fencing Along the Stream

For the Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) that I plan to use for the sheep I need to be able to attach my fencing to a hot electric wire. Our permanent perimeter fence has a hot wire along the top, but the middle pasture is far away from the perimeter fence for the most part. Today we strung a semi-permanent 3-wire electric fence on T-posts all along the stream. Total length was 385 feet. We used 23 T-posts. At our old house it would have taken nearly a week to pound in 23 T-posts!
We also got this cool tool- a Spinning Jenny. Very useful for rolling out the high-tensile wire.
Alan has the whole electric fencing thing pretty much figured out, but I am slowly coming along. It's finally starting to make some sense. These cool fencing tighteners work really well.
The fence looks pretty nice. Not only will it be my source of power for the portable fencing, it will also help keep the sheep out of the stream. Now we just need to add a couple connectors and hook up the knife switch so we can turn it off when needed. One step closer to MIG!

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