Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving the Goats

Moving the goats into the new brush area was our big job for Easter weekend.  First we strung up three rows, each 220 feet long, of electric polyrope to keep them in the area. Of course we had helpers!
You won't be trying to eat the rope once it's electrified!

The goats' new pen is full of brush we need them to eat. Over 6000 sq feet of brush!

The next job was to move our old "hay hut" (made from two cattle panels on a frame) up to the new pen. This necessitated hauling the hay hut up a hill with a total elevation of about 50 feet. We had hoped to be able to put it on a trailer and use the tractor to get it up the hill but the ground was just damp enough to be too slippery for the tractor.
So first we tried carrying it. Yeah, that was NOT going to work. Then we tried putting a hand truck under one end to take some of the load. Not good enough. Finally, with two hand trucks and a really long rope attached to the tractor up in the more level field at the top of the hill we were able to make progress.

Here we are about halfway up the hill. The rope was so long the tractor was up against the fence and we had to shorten the rope. That's when I fell and cracked my knee. Bending is still very uncomfortable.
Almost there!

The goats and sheep checking out their new home.

We plan to put galvanized metal roofing panels over the arch, but the tarp will suffice for now. Next step is to get hoses up there. It's a long walk carrying water!

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