Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Good to Get Away, But

Sometimes I need to get away, but the work involved before leaving and then when you get home sometimes makes it seem not quite worth it. We went camping at a little historic site in MD this past weekend. It took me most of Thursday to pack. Then I worked 8.5 hours on Friday, came home, finished packing, and drove three hours to Historic Londontowne. We had a great weekend and got to spend time with great people. I grilled some lamb chops and marinated lamb kidneys and liver strips.
Everyone tried everything. The kidneys were interesting and the liver tasted like pate. The chops were delicious. I also made parsnip and leek fritters from a 1690s receipt (recipe) from William Penn's first wife, Guilema. I tried to only use food from my garden and freezer. The garden at the site contributed some chard for a 17th century "boiled sallet" receipt.
It's always fun to hang out in 17th century clothing in a beautiful 17th century site eating food of the period. Today was all about 21st century laundry and putting everything away. Back to work tomorrow.

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