Monday, November 16, 2015

Meet Mercer

We needed to find company for Elwood for the winter since he won't be with the ewes after breeding is done. Suggestions included another ram or a wether. I like the wether idea as I learned that wethers have the nicest fleece in the flock. But I couldn't find any nice wethers for sale and I would eventually need another ram anyway. We found a nice ram for sale in NJ (no long trip this time.)
Enter Mercer.
He is a handsome dude and very calm. He was raised as a 4H lamb and is halter-trained. It was so nice to be able to put the halter on him and calmly walk him into his quarantine pen. We were going to have him in quarantine with Elwood but I decided to put him in with one of our ewes (it would be too stressful for a flock animal to be alone.) Mama Sadie was the easiest one to separate out so she won the job of companion for Mercer.
We thought Mama Sadie was huge, but Mercer is even bigger! Can't wait to see the lambs we get out of him. He weighed 14 pounds at birth and 45 pounds at 30 days old. That's an average daily gain of 1.0 pound for the first 30 days. His breeder told me his mother has a great milk supply.

Once Mercer is finished with his quarantine period we will work on getting Elwood and him acquainted.

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