Thursday, March 24, 2016

Clara-Our First Ewe Lamb

I was the most anxious about Clara lambing. I was there when she was born the end of January 2015. She is not quite 14 months old and was pregnant for the first time. Her due date based on a 145 day pregnancy was yesterday, but all of our ewes have been lambing 3-4 days after that date. So we really didn't think any thing would happen for a couple more days. Well, Clara surprised me with twin ram lambs this morning. They were up walking, nursing and were mostly dry when I found them. She is such a good mom! Her mother Chloe has been the easiest ewe to lamb and I was hoping Clara would take after her.

She had two nice size ram lambs, one 8 1/2 pounds and the other 9 pounds. Way to go Clara for your first lambing!

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