Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stream Work

Now that the 4 older ewes have lambed we have a little break to get something else done. (Well, around giving supplemental bottles to Beyla's twins and making Mama Sadie stand still so her ram lamb can nurse.) We finally got the arborvitae out of the stream. The big overgrown branches of arborvitae fell into the stream a year before we bought this place and they really needed to be removed.
The leaves and rocks collected by the branches were starting to divert the stream and erode the bank. Most of the branches were so big and weighed down with debris we needed to haul them out of the stream with the tractor.
We overfilled our trailer three times with all the branches.
The pipe that takes the stream under the road was getting blocked too.
But is now looking much better.
We could have used the nice warm weather we have been having, but this day was blustery, cold and had intermittent snow flurries. But what an improvement!

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