Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our First Shearing Day

I don't recognize our Coopworths! They look so different! Yesterday was the first time we ever had sheep sheared. The sheep were well behaved, for the most part, and the whole thing only took and hour including set up and clean up. We had moved the rams out of their pasture the day before because of forecasted rain so they were under the barn overhang. The two ewes were already hanging out in the barn with the hair sheep.
When the shearer arrived I took the coats off the ewes and you can really see the difference the coats made.
Hazel went first and as soon as she felt the clippers on her skin she went into a zone and relaxed into the sensation.
And she's showing signs of pregnancy, yay! Ruthie looks pregnant too!
Elwood was the big surprise. His fleece under all that dirt and chaff and his coat was a beautiful silver gray.
Without his wool Elwood is smaller than some of my hair sheep!

Mercer was the most difficult to shear, partly because of his size and partly because he wasn't very happy about the whole process. But his fleece is a lovely cream color with beautiful crimp.
Here's an after shot of Hazel and Ruth.
And one of Elwood and Mercer.
Now it is very apparent how much bigger and more muscular Mercer is than Elwood. The shearer also trimmed all their hooves and did FAMACHA scores. Everyone had great scores so no wormer needed.
Now I need to make a skirting table!

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