Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Veggie Update

Scapes, we have scapes!
The red potatoes, planted last month, are doing great. I am mulching them with shredded leaves to make them easier to harvest and improve the soil. This is the new part of the garden we made when we moved in and the soil isn't as nice as the older portion of the garden. Eight inches of composted shredded leaves should help.

 The grafted tomatoes have really taken off. One has three tomatoes. Time will tell if they help against late blight.
The Amish Paste Tomatoes are trying to catch up.

The onions are doing well too.

As are the leeks.

Parsnips from last year are going to seed. I don't really have anything to plant there so I was going to try saving seed. Then I realized I planted a hybrid variety last year so who knows what the seeds will get me. At least the pollinators should appreciate the flowers.
The broccoli has never looked better! That's because the cabbage moths haven't found it yet.
The second planting of lettuce, chard and kale are looking pretty darn good.

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