Friday, July 3, 2015

Getting Better at Fencing Paddocks

I am finally feeling comfortable with my method for fencing the paddocks within the perimeter fence. These $1.99 step-in posts from Tractor Supply work well to create a "gate" at the end of a run. I can adjust the tension with the blue baling twine and untie the twine for a "gate" if I need to move the sheep.
These little gizmos are only 80 cents from Premier 1 but are worth their weight in gold when it comes to splicing two lengths of electric rope together or making a loop.
I also use these hooks to attach the rope to the electric wire and energize the rope. They add a little tension so if I have a short straight run I can use these to make a gate.
I need to get another spool to wind up rope as I am moving fencing. This stuff likes to get tangled. The spool is also nice to hold the longs ends left when I have a short run.
The sheep have totally adjusted to the paddock system and the electric rope.

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