Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kitten Update

The kittens are almost three months old and they are quite a lot of fun to watch. After the multiple moves mama cat was no longer able to keep the kittens close to their hiding place. And they discovered kitten chow. They prance and play on the patio and in the backyard throughout most of the day but are most active in the evening. We have spent many delightful evenings watching their antics while we eat dinner on the patio.
They are quite hungry in the morning and come right up to the patio doors.
The local association I found that neuters feral cats is running a special for the month of August so I am hoping we can get something scheduled. We still don't know how many males vs females we have as the kittens haven't let us get any closer than six feet.


  1. Good food tames even the wildest heart! And wins over many an animal. Good idea to neuter, but how will you catch them?

  2. Leigh, We've been feeding them in an old cat carrier. Hopefully they will be fairly easy to catch once the kittens are all used to the carrier. We could have caught mama cat an number of times in the carrier so far.

  3. That's an excellent idea and will definitely be less stressful for the kittens!