Monday, July 6, 2015

It's a Sheep Chair

Our sheep came with horrible hooves. The vet worked on them twice but they still needed a lot of work. Holding the sheep and trying to trim their hooves didn't work (they are still a little wild.) Enter Premier's "Deck Chair." This thing is great. It was easy to put together and held the sheep well. The only problem we had was due to the fact that our sheep are various sizes. The smaller the sheep, the more it was able to struggle in the chair. Our largest sheep, Mama Sadie, sat there just as calm as could be.
We were also better prepared for some serious hoof trimming. The spray bottle of soapy water and a good stiff brush made it so much easier to see what we needed to do. The second pair of hoof trimmers, bought when I couldn't find the others, made it possible for Alan to do their front hooves while I worked on their back hooves.
Before cleaning:
After cleaning:
After trimming
Their hooves still have a lot of cracking and flaking and some pockets. I have read about increasing the copper in their mineral to improve their hooves. Must do more reading about that. At least we have no more "elf hoof" sheep.
A quick injection of the second CDT and it was a tip out of the chair.
Definitely a good purchase.

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