Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mid Summer Flowers in Bloom

Midsummer is great for flowers. Everything is going crazy, including the weeds.
I love the variegated blue and white of these morning glories I planted to grow up the sad fig tree skeletons. They just started blooming yesterday morning.
The Black-Eyed Susans have been going crazy for a few weeks. The blood red dahlias planted along side them are just beginning to bloom but the pictures weren't very nice.
These Diablo Cosmos are just hitting their stride.
The Purple Cone Flowers are glorious this year and I found Foxgloves blooming amidst them. I am so glad the foxglove came back since they are one of my favorites.
The regular Cosmos, volunteers from last year, are also blooming like mad.
But the phlox are simply riotous!


  1. I just love flowers! They are the glory of summer. Your morning glory is really a looker.

  2. Thanks Leigh. I love morning glories, they remind me of my grandfather. He always had the blue ones growing in his backyard.