Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's a Boy, and a Really BIG One!

Warning-some graphic pictures.

Moose went into labor this afternoon (of course during a minor snow storm.) Here are the other girls coming in out of the snow to check out the progress.

Maddy caught the beginning of labor and called me at work. I arrived home just as we could see two little feet.
She pushed and pushed and pushed.
She got up, sat down, walked around, crawled (I've never seen a sheep or a goat crawl) and even took a break to eat some hay.
After a little more than an hour of pushing I began to get worried that this was a very large lamb. Finally the lamb made a little choking sound and I felt the need to help out.
Maddy kept Moose still and I helped wiggle that big boy out with the contraction. Out came a single thirteen pound ram lamb.
He was up walking around in about 15 minutes and nursed well within a half hour.
I love to watch the lambs wag their tail when they are getting milk.
And the new mom sounds are just adorable. Moose is bonding very well with her new baby.
The other sheep were very interested in what was going on in the next stall.
Hopefully this will give Chloe some ideas about going into labor.

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