Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sometimes It's the Little Things That Make Us Happy

Ever since Alan jacked up the floors to make them level in preparation for work in the house none of the doors latch.  This is especially annoying in the bathroom and our bedroom. It appears that the doors were hung with the floors uneven; therefore, when the floor was made level none of the doors fit right.
This is an idea of how far out everything was.
The top of the door on the left above was nearly one inch too low now.  The picture of the bathroom door, below, shows how far out of alignment the strike plate and the latch were.
A little bit of work with a chisel and drill and we can finally latch, and lock, our bathroom and bedroom doors!
I still can't wait to get rid of these horrible doors, but having them function properly will help make them a little more bearable until we start the real renovations inside.

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