Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Tractor Bay Work

Back to work on the garage tractor bay/shed.  The Tyvek went up.
Alan made a home manufactured main beam from three 2x6s glued and nailed together.
Putting up the main beam went well, except when Alan was banging on the main beam I could see a lot of the block wobbling. I still am not sure how the wall is still standing.
2x4 joists on joist hangers will support an 8 foot wide storage area above the bay.
The back half of the bay is longer than the front half and just a bit over 12 feet.  Alan needed to make a truss design for support so he used bracing which allowed him to span the length he needed.
The plywood rectangles are spaced to accept the knee wall studs to complete the truss.

The Tyvek gets a sheathing of 1/2 inch plywood to protect it from damage from things in the tractor bay and to stiffen the structure. Darkness was coming on so this was as much plywood as could be put up before clean up.
The weather is acting up again and we are supposed to get nearly a foot of snow between tonight (Sunday) and Tuesday afternoon. So Alan had to close up the bay as much as he could and clean up. The garage door is gone so hopefully we won't get too much snow blown into the bay.

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