Saturday, January 31, 2015

Barn Cats

We've been trying to get a barn cat or two. There was a promising cat on Craigslist over Christmas but the people wanting to get her a new home changed their mind at the last minute.  I was thinking of using the local barn cat rescue when a cat started showing up wandering our property. We think he/she may belong to a neighbor but aren't sure. Then another cat showed up. This cat likes to sit at our patio doors and look pitifully inside.
We haven't seen this cat in the last couple days. I hope nothing happened to it. We've been putting out food for the cats in hopes that they will stick around and catch mice. The cat we see the most is a gray tiger cat with a white belly and is missing 2/3's of its tail. We named it "Stumpy." Stumpy covers all the property from the house to the barn to beyond the goat pen. I hope he is taking care of a lot of mice.
Update 2/1/15: Finally was able to get a photo of Stumpy!

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