Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Udderly Fascinated

I have been obsessed with sheep backsides lately. Watching the udders grow and fill and waiting for lambs is a frustrating business. If we had any idea when the ewes were bred this would be so much easier. Our twin ram lambs were born on November 22nd and we haven't had any lambs since.

But two of the sheep have been growing their udders since mid December and lately they have really started to fill up. The sheep are getting spooked because I am constantly checking for swelling of their vulvas and passing mucus.

Here is Chloe. She has been huge since she arrived here. I hope she has a least twins.
And here is her udder.
Moose is the other sheep we think is getting closer to lambing.
She has a funny little kink to her tail and makes the oddest noises when she brings up her cud. You can really see her lambs moving around in her.

Even Leda, the leader of the flock, is starting to grow a little udder.
I don't think I will ever lamb again in the winter if I can help it. I am constantly worried about missing the birth and having the lambs get too cold and dieing.  I will be happier when I can control their breeding next year.

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