Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lamb Update

All the lambs are doing well. They are eating, growing and not seeming to mind the cold much.  Our first rams, "Big Boy" and "Little Boy", continue to grow and are now 71 days old.  We'll have to start thinking about weaning them soon.
The lamb in the foreground is Big Boy and the lamb in the background is Little Boy. The lamb in the middle is ram3 and he is nearly the size of Little Boy and he is only 11 days old.  He loves to run around with the older rams and has perfected the four-legged hop. He continues to nurse well and his mom is very attentive.
The new lambs also don't seem to be minding the cold temps. I still have their lamb jackets on though. 
The ram lamb's tail is much longer than his sister's and he can really get that tail moving! Ram3's tail is much shorter than the rest of the lambs' tails.  I am not quite certain yet on a name for the ewe lamb, but we've been calling her Cora and that may end up sticking.  She loves attention!

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