Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ram 3 Update

Since Sunday ram 3 has been on penicillin, had two enemas and two tube feedings. Yesterday and today we saw him drink water but he is still not nursing. He strains and appears to be uncomfortable. The vet came out this afternoon to see him. She took a stool sample to check for worms and examined him. His temp was 104.7 (normal is 102-103.) She gave him three injections-a longer acting antibiotic, some Banamine (an NSAID), and some B vitamins. She also told me my dose of 0.4 ml of penicillin was underdosing him and in the future the proper dose would be 0.5-1.0 ml.
He seems to already be feeling better this evening. When I went out to feed he was sacked out and seemed to be sleeping peacefully between his two pals.
He woke up while I was feeding and nibbled at some hay. He is also tasting the sheep mineral and continues to drink water. He has tried to nurse but I don't know if he doesn't have enough energy yet or if there is just too much commotion. I split the big stall like I did for a lambing jug and put ram 3 and his mom alone in there. Maybe they need some alone time to get the nursing going again.

The vet, Dr Orndorff from Oley has been great. This is the third time she has been out since I got the sheep and I always learn so much from her. She left three doses of Banamine for the next three days so we can keep his fever, pain and inflammation down. I hope he is feeling better soon.

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