Friday, February 13, 2015

Future Plans for Livestock

With the weather so miserable it is fun to dream of spring. Soon it will be time to wean Ram1 and Ram2. We will have to separate them from the rest of the herd soon after that since they are not castrated.  We've been thinking about where to put a ram pen; a place we can have the growing meat rams and our new herd sire when he arrives in May.  We may even put Thor, our Nigerian Dwarf wether, in with the young boys to teach them some manners and keep the sire company after the other rams are butchered. This field, in the background, is across the stream and might make a nice area for growing rams and our sire.
I just need to figure out how much room I need for grazing four growing rams and a wether. We've also not been able to figure out how much of a barrier the stream is. Our goats have walked up to the edge but have not tried to walk on the ice yet. But then, they hate water and get upset when it's raining. I tend to think the stream would not stop a ram intent on getting to a ewe in heat. But would 3 rows of electric rope? Or should we use something stronger? Every day there is so much to learn!

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