Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Vet Visit

Thank goodness I have such great veterinarians. Ram 3 was doing much better Wednesday night and yesterday, but this morning he seemed to be going backwards. On the plus side he was passing a firmer stool, but seemed more listless and didn't seem to be eating as well.

So back out came the vet. Dr Dickerson was the vet on today and he was great. Ram 3's temp was normal, 102.3f. But he's looking a little dehydrated. The vet gave him an IV with an electrolyte solution and injections of Banamine, Vitamin C and Bo-Se (a selenium/Vitamin E supplement.) The Vitamin C was given to acidify the urine in case the ram has urine crystals. He left me 2 more injections to give for the next two days.

Watching Dr Dickerson giving the IV was very educational and very messy. Oh well, I wanted to wash my barn coat and pants again. It's very interesting to compare veterinary medicine to human medicine.  I learn so much each time the vets come to the barn.

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