Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Last Lambing of the Season

Leda's udder was huge this morning so we didn't think she would be pregnant for long. When we checked on her later in the morning she looked like she was having contractions, but nothing obvious was going on. I put up the fencing for the lambing jug and left her alone. When I checked on her about an hour later she had a big bag of water hanging out of her vagina. I had already brought my towels and tray of lambing supplies with me so only needed to call my husband and daughter up to the barn. Today is my husband's birthday so it was a nice little present.

Every lambing seems to have its little issues. With Leda it was the positioning of her lamb. The right leg and head were presenting but the left leg was no where to be seen. Despite that she seemed to be pushing well but I was watching the clock. Here you can see the lamb's head and neck but no left leg. The right leg is behind the lamb and not visible in this picture. At this point the lamb still had the membranes over it's head and began to jerk.
I was worried about the lamb trying to breath so went in to clean off the face.
At this point the left shoulder was out so I just helped Leda with the rest of the delivery. The lamb passed a lot of meconium during his delivery so he was stressed.
Just one ram lamb! I was so hoping Leda would have twins.
I was a little concerned that the lamb might have trouble with his left front leg, but he didn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

He took to nursing well. Leda has two very different teats, one is much smaller than the other, but he doesn't seem to be having any problems adjusting. A healthy 10 pounds of ram lamb. Ram5.

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